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Canada 2016 – $1250 Roaring Grizzly Bear – 1/2 Kilo Gold Proof Coin

Gold commemorative coin

  $1250 Pure gold coin – Roaring Grizzly Bear

  Half-kilogram of pure gold 99.99%

  Third and final coin in the Call of the Wild series

  Hand polished to proof perfection

Very low mintage – only 20 coins worldwide

  Wooden box and certificate of authenticity included

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The coin depicts the second largest land-based carnivore, the grizzly bear, which merits this coin. The image of the bear has been captured in full details in this half-kilogram pure gold!

This is the third and the final piece from the Royal Canadian Mint’s Call of the Wild series issued to celebrate the wildlife of Canada. This striking coin features fine engraving which captures the image and the beauty of the grizzly bear, the one of the biggest land living mammals in Canada.

The reverse of the coin shows the design by a Canadian artist Pierre Leduc. It features the image of a roaring bear. Viewing from the right side, the big and thick-furred head of the bear is raised with mouth open in a roar. The image shows the beauty of fur-covered ears, sharp teeth, and small dark eyes presented in incredibly detailed way. In the background there is a river roaring through a rocky and remote northern wilderness of that bushy undergrowth. The sky rising above the animal is hand -polished to a glowing proof finish.

The obverse of the coin shows the image of Queen Elisabeth II with the face value of 1250 dollars.

The piece is made of 99.99% pure gold and hand polished to proof perfection. The sizable surface area offers an ideal canvas with detailed engraving, adding the design further relief.

Each coin is delivered in a wooden box with a standard beauty box.  

This piece by the Royal Canadian Mint has been minted in a set of only 20 coins worldwide.

Special features:

  A final coin in Call of the Wild series – Roaring Grizzly Bear

  This stunning series celebrates wildlife of Canada

  Half-kilogram of pure gold with face value of 1250$!

  This beautiful coin was crafted in 99.99% pure gold

  A coin is hand polished to proof perfection

  A extremely limited work of art – only 20 coins awailable worldwide

  Wooden box with standard beauty box and certificate of authenticity are included

In the Call of the Wild series you will find the following coins:

Canada 2014 – 1250$ Call of the Wild – Howling Wolf

Canada 2015 – 1250$ Call of the Wild – Growling Cougar

Canada 2016 – 1250$ Call of the Wild – Roaring Grizzly Bear

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