Our online store also offers coin grading. What is it about? It is a determination of condition of coins, which is based on a gradual scale, which allows you to determine whether a given coin is authentic.

The condition of old coins significantly affects their value. The better the collector coin looks, the higher its price will be. Coin granding should be done by a specialized company with professional knowledge and experience. We meet all these conditions and the coins we offer have issued grades.

Why is this so important?

Coins after granding often get much higher prices at auctions than coins without a qualititative assessment.

Buyers consider them extremely attractive because the awarding of points by a professional gives key information about their value. The granding scale in Poland is based on 5 grades, where V of them is the lowest possible.

You should know that you cannot identify the Polish scale with British or American. In the United States there is the Sheldo scale, which is calculated in a completely different way. Coins that have no signs of circulation and have only slight scratches will get a good grade, but their luster may be incomplete. The highest score is given to coins which are characterized by full peripheral lettering with a full luster.