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Tuvalu 2018 – 1$ Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles Green Tree Python “6” – 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Perth Mint Silver commemorative coin

  6th edition of the collection that depicts the unusual reptiles of Australia

  1 ounce of pure silver

  Really vivid combination of colors

  Mintage limited up to 5 000 copies

  Tuvalu coin made in the Australian Perth Mint

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Australia is famous for its unusual nature, in terms of plants and animals. Among collectors, it is also associated with a phenomenal mint in Perth. It’s worth to remind about it by presenting the latest edition of the collection “Unusual Reptiles of Australia” and the somewhat frightening Green Python.

Green python on a silver coin

Although the collector’s coin was minted in the Australian Mint of Perth, the issuer is the oceanic state Tuvalu. The 1-dollar is valuable because it is made of real 999/1000 silver. A weight of just over 31 grams means that an ounce of pure bullion was used. Thanks to the diameter that exceeds 40 millimeters, we can admire the craftsmanship without a magnifying glass. The green Python silver coin, inhabiting New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia, vividly distinguishes on the silver background.

The coins themselves were prepared for 2018 exactly 5000. Each copy is packed in a decorative, commemorative packaging, and it includes certificate confirming authenticity. With a relatively small mintage, combined with the value of the collection itself, one can assume that it is a good and interesting collector’s investment. It is safely delivered in our online coin shop.

In the series of Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles you can find:

  Tuvalu 2013 – Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Frilled Neck Lizard

  Tuvalu 2014 – Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Thorny Devil

  Tuvalu 2015 – Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Blue Tongue Lizard

  Tuvalu 2016 – Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Australian Goanna

  Tuvalu 2017 – Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Saltwater Crocodile

  Tuvalu 2018 – Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles – Green Tree Python

Special features:

  Collector’s set with a certificate and box.

  Emission from 2018

  Another part of the botanical collection about Australian reptiles

  Favorable price – an opportunity to invest

  Highest precision of workmanship





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