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Tuvalu 2013 – 1$ Deadly & Dangerous – Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake – 1 oz Silver Proof Coin

Silver commemorative coin

  The Eight coin in a Deadly & Dangerous Series

  Motive: Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake

  1 oz / 31.1 grams fine silver 99.99%

  Small mintage – no more than 5,000

  Each coin is housed in a high-gloss timber presentation case and numbered CoA

  One of the most dangerous coin in the world




Yellow Bellied Sea Snake

Global numismatics has been surprised with the next release of the bestselling Australian Deadly & Dangerous series capturing images of the most infamous Australian animals. The latest issue honors on of the most eye-catching snakes living in Australia – the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake.

Evolving from terrestrial snakes of Asia and Australia 10 million years ago, this flat-tailed sea snake is known for its strong venom, which contains neurotoxins and mycotoxins. The bite of the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake can cause neuromuscular paralysis, whereas a serious bite from its sharp fangs can result in paralysis and death.

The 40.60mm flan of the 2013 $1 Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake 1oz Silver Proof is a striking example of the Perth Mint`s full-color minting. The Vibrant hues of this creature have been captured perfectly on the reverse of the coin. The obverse includes the image of Queen Elizabeth II, “Tuvalu”, and the legal tender value of the coin.

The Deadly & Dangerous Silver Proof Series includes limited mintage of coins – not more than 5 000 sold out with enormous speed which are now catalogued at a high issue price.

Special Features:

  •     Contains 1 oz / 31,1 grams of .999 fine Silver.

  •     Struck by Australia’s precious metal specialists – the Perth Mint – as official Tuvalu legal tender

  •     Coin comes in a special high-gloss timber case with a numbered COA.

  •     Strict limited mintage of only 5000 coins – as with EVERY sold-out Deadly & Dangerous

  •     Obverse: Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, “Tuvalu”, and the legal tender value of 1 Dollars.

  •     Reverse: Distinguished by a frightening full-colour appreciation of the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake


In the series of Deadly & Dangerous you can find:

  2006 Deadly & Dangerous – Red-back Spider

  2007 Deadly & Dangerous – Great White Shark

  2008 Deadly & Dangerous – Blue-ringed Octopus

  2009 Deadly & Dangerous – Saltwater Crocodile

  2010 Deadly & Dangerous – Eastern Brown Snake

  2011 Deadly & Dangerous – Box Jellyfish

  2012 Deadly & Dangerous – Funnel-web Spider

  2013 Deadly & Dangerous – Yellow Bellied Sea Snake

  2014 Deadly & Dangerous – Spider-Hunting Scorpion

  2015 Deadly & Dangerous – Australia’s Bull Ant

  2016 Deadly & Dangerous – Australia’s Death Adder


Weight 500 kg
Presentation case (box)
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Tuvalu 2013 – 1$ Deadly & Dangerous – Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake – 1 oz Silver Proof Coin
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