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South Africa 2017 – 3-Coin Vintage Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 1967 – 2017 – 3 x 1 oz. Gold Proof Set

South African Mint – Vintage Krugerrand 50th Anniversary Сoin Set

  A big event – 50 Years in the Making of Krugerrand coin

  The set includes 3 oz of gold coins

  The reverse features iconic Springbok Antelope

  Limited mintage of only 500 sets worldwide

  Comes in an original box with a numbered certificate of authenticity


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Precious coins from all over the world, which are worth collecting and simply admiring, usually are strictly connected with history and tradition of a particular country. It does not look any other in the case of 3-coin Vintage Krugerrand set which is shown in our online numismatic shop. Get to know why the history of 2017 collection began exactly 50 years ago…

Historical coin, special edition  

In the Republic of South Africa, as early as in 1967, a decision was made to issue gold investment coins. They were called Krugerrands but do you know why? The name was directly inspired by Paul Kruger, the 19th century president of South Africa. Obviously, randy is the currency of this African country,

Let’s return to the present. For the 50th anniversary of the first emission. South African Mint decided to return to classical representation of historical coins. The set which you see contains the whole three gold, luxurious coins with a characteristic image of springbok antelope, which is a national symbol of South Africa.

Each of the luxurious coins contains precisely one ounce of pure gold of 916.67 fineness. With a diameter barely exceeding 32 milimetres, it really leaves you astounded. The proof stamp and serrated rim emphasise the elegant character of the collection. The whole three coins are packed in a special, luxurious box, which will allow you to keep safely this unusual collection from the other side of the globe.

Are you wondering about the value of the shown offer? Well, the price is motivated not only by the unique bullion (every set contains the whole 3 ounces of gold of the highest fineness), certificate of authenticity, but also by the output, which is limited to 500 units only for the whole world. The shown offer is an unusual emission, intended for the Krugerrands connoisseurs.  For the 50th anniversary the minters rose to the heights of their skills, making units which will go down in history. Choose the well-known pattern and the legendary design. One of the 500 gold Krugerrands sets can be yours. We guarantee safe buying and a successful investment!

3-Coin Gold Krugerrand 50th Anniversary:

  1 oz 1967 Krugerrand Vintage Gold Proof 

  1 oz 2016 Krugerrand Gold Proof

  1 oz 2017 Krugerrand Gold Proof 

Proof Gold and Silver Krugerrand coins 50th Anniversary:

South Africa 2017 – 5-Coin Vintage Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 1967-2017 – 5 X 1oz. Silver Gold Platinum

South Africa 2017 – Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 1967 – 2017 – 5 oz. Gold Proof Coin

South Africa 2017 – Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 1967-2017 – 50 oz. Gold Proof Coin

South Africa 2017 – 1 Rand Krugerrand 50th Anniversary 1967-2017 Silver Proof

South Africa 2017 – 1 Rand Krugerrand 50th Anniversary – Silver Premium Uncirculated

Special features of Krugerrand set coins:

  Celebrates a 50th anniversary of producing the gold Krugerrand coin

  To commemorate the anniversary the South Africa Mint released 3 piece set to showcase the legacy of the Krugerrand

  This 3 coins set includes 3 one Ounces: 1967 Vintage Proof Gold Krugerrand, 2016 Proof Gold Krugerrand, and 2017 Proof Gold Krugerrand

  The 1967 and 2017 Krugerrand were minted with a special privy mark celebrating the 50th Anniversary

  The reverse of all three coins features a springbok and the current year

  The obverse of the coins depicts a bust of South Africa’s president – Paul Kruger

  Struck from 3 oz of .9167 Gold (22-carat)

  Mintage limited to only 500 sets worldwide

  The coins are housed in elegant box. The numbered certificate of authenticity included

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