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Niue Island 2017 – 100$ Giants of Art Series Mona Lisa Leonardo Da Vinci – Silver Coin

Silver commemorative coin – Giants of Art series

  Another extraordinary coin in Giant of Arts series

  The legendary masterpiece of world art – “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci

  Limited mintage to 750 units

  Silver of 925 fineness

  Weight of 1081 grams and unusual form

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It is widely known that collectors’ coins may be completely different from what we imagine them look like. Circular shape, uniform, silver or gold surface? Not always! In our online numismatic shop stocks you can find many examples which do not fit in the standard perception of a coin. The newest example is the spectacular “Mona Lisa”  from Niue Island.

Coins and painting

No, no, this is not canvas, this is silver! from beautiful series Giants of Art with Silver of 925 fineness, we should add. Within the dimensions of  275 x 395 millimetres, the artist painted a real masterpiece of world art, a mysterious portrait of Gioconda, which still stirs up strong feelings. The author of this timeless work of art is Leonardo da Vinci, who was famous for unlimited creativity and artistic vision. He would surely approve the modern mint technologies which allow to transfer the picture onto silver without losing anything of the quality…

It is utterly incredible, that the image of Mona Lisa has been transferred onto the coin that minutely and uniquely. The coin weighs 1081 grams and it can be literally exhibited as a traditional painting. Face value of the newest Niue Island treasure is precisely 100 dollars. The shown set includes also exclusive box for keeping the coin and the certificate confirming authenticity.

Here comes the most important information: there have been only 750 units issued. Such small input makes it a rare model which draws attention of all experts in this field – not to mention the unusual look and silver of high fineness (which weighs 1 kilogram). You think that the precious coin from abroad costs a great deal of money, don’t you? Prepare for a rise in its value in a very short time! Investing in collectors’ coins that differ greatly from the others with their shape, quality, weight and input is worth your money…

Special features:

  More than one kilogram of silver of high 925 fineness

  The famous painting “Mona Lisa” has been transferred on the rectangular coin

  Niue Island issued only 750 units

  The set includes also a special box and a certificate confirming authenticity

  This is the example of the exquisite numismatic skilfulness for experienced collectors

In an exclusive Giants of Art series you can find following coins:

  Niue Island 2012 Giants of Art – Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci

  Niue Island 2013 Giants of Art – Creation Of Adam Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

  Niue Island 2014 Giants of Art – Sistine Madonna Raphael Sanzio

  Niue Island 2015 Giants of Art – The Kiss Gustav Klimt

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