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Isle of Man 2019 £10 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing Earth Blue Marble 6 oz Gold 2 Coin Set

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing Gold Coin

  • Nearly 200g of gold in 2 coins
  • £5 coins from the Isle of Man
  • The theme of the Moon Landing (50th Anniversary)
  • Exceptionally rare and therefore valuable coins
  • Unique opportunity on the Polish market
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With this set of two collector coins commemorating the moon landing, we offer an excellent opportunity to remember the Apollo 11 mission, but more importantly: to invest in interesting numismatic pieces. Please find out more about the set issued for the Isle of Man.

A significant anniversary and an unusual issuer

Let’s begin with the coins themselves. This set offered by Coins From World is ultra-collectible in nature. The coin containing 5 ounces of gold was exclusively manufactured in 10 copies. The numismatic coin containing 1 ounce of bullion is almost equally rare – only 50 copies were struck worldwide. We should add that in both coins the purity of gold is exactly 0.916.

However, the theme of the coins is the moon landing. On 21 July 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man in history to set foot on the Silver Globe – soon to be joined by Edwin Aldrin. Therefore, 2019 marked the round 50th anniversary of the historic event, which is why a special coin was designed to commemorate it.

Another significant aspect increasing the value of the numismatic coin is its unique issuer – the Isle of Man. Isle of Man is a territory which is a dependency of the British Crown, but not formally a part of the UK. The Parliament on the Isle of Man has been in continuous operation since… 1979. Also, the Isle of Man (this is the name of the territory in English) issues stamps or coins, so they are valuable and desirable on the collector’s market.

Special features of the coin:

  • Strictly limited mintage

  • A total of 6 ounces of gold in 2 coins

  • The numismatic coins commemorating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

  • A highly valuable and rare 2019 set

  • Issued from the Isle of Man – self-governing British Crown Dependency




Face Value



Fineness (purity)


Weight (g)

155.53, 39.94

Size (mm)

38.61, 65.00



Mintage (pcs)


Certificate (COA)


Presentation case (box)



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