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Great Britain 2021 £500 Queen’s Beasts Completer 1 KILO Silver Proof Coin #11

The Royal Mint Queen's Beasts Collection Completer Silver Coin

  • Only 95 copies in the series
  • The Queen's Beasts collection synthesized in 1 numismat
  • Design signed by Jody Clark
  • An extraordinary commemoration of British heraldry
  • Coin minted in sterling silver /1KG Silver proof
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For each of the 95 planned collector coins in this variant there is as much as 1005 g of silver, i.e. one kilogram (!) of pure 999 bullion. 100 mm of diameter allows one to discern all the exquisite, delightful details supervised by the well-known and highly esteemed designer Jody Clark.

Kilogram of pure silver in British symbolism

The coin is a summary of the British Royal Mint’s collection issued in previous years. In total, they depict 10 mythical creatures that are well-known in the world of heraldry – these include the Black Bull of Clarence, the Scottish Unicorn, and the Red Dragon symbolising Wales. Purchasing one of the Royal Mint coins is a great opportunity to learn more about the stories behind the various depictions of the beast.

Order a coin minted from one kilogram of pure silver from our online numismatic store now. At Coins From World, we care about the security of your online shopping experience. You are receiving a rare collector’s item whose value will increase due to its low mintage, recognition on the numismatic market, and high bullion content. The 2021 edition crowns a series that is definitely worth including in your collection.

Special features of the silver coin:

  • Unusual content of as much as 1005g of silver in a coin
  • Summary of Queen’s Beasts series
  • Royal Mint collector’s item
  • Secure online purchase
  • One of 95 exceptional copies available on the Polish numismatic online shop

Great Britain



Face Value




Fineness (purity)


Weight (g)

1 kg

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Mintage (pcs)


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