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Great Britain 2021 £1000 Queen’s Beasts Completer 2 KILO Silver Proof Coin #11

The Royal Mint Queen's Beasts Collection Completer Silver Coin

  • As much as 2 kg of silver in 1 collector coin
  • A precious Royal Mint collector's set
  • The luxurious culmination of the Queen's Beasts series
  • An exquisite example of classic design
  • A coin designed as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II
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2 kg of silver is quite a lot, isn’t it? Anything is possible in numismatics, which is exactly why the £1,000 coin available in our Coins From World store was minted from bullion of this weight. There are only 50 similar pieces, so please do not hesitate when deciding to order it. This is an investment in pure fine silver, but most importantly a unique numismatic piece that is a spectacular conclusion to the collection issued by the Royal Mint.

British symbolism enchanted in kilograms of silver

The central theme of The Queen’s Beasts series is the creatures – unicorn, bull or dragon – that have appeared in legends or heraldry of the British for various reasons. The English, the Scots, the Welsh… all the inhabitants of the United Kingdom live among symbolism that goes back hundreds of years and that is still remembered, among other things, through collectible coins.

Although the design of the coin seems very traditional, it is relatively rare to find such unusual solutions as using 2 kilograms of silver to mint a single numismat. Order your coin online now – we can assure you a fast and secure transaction.

Special features of the silver coin:

  • 1 of 50 coins of the 2021 issue
  • Unique combination of heraldic beasts on one numismatic coin
  • Top quality of Royal Mint of UK
  • An attractive collector’s and investment item
  • Set includes stylish box

Great Britain



Face Value




Fineness (purity)


Weight (g)

2 kg

Size (mm)




Mintage (pcs)


Certificate (COA)


Presentation case (box)



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