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Great Britain 2021 £1000 Queen’s Beasts Completer 1 KILO Gold Proof Coin #11

The Royal Mint Queen's Beasts Collection Completer Gold Coin

  • Only 17 such coins in the whole world
  • One kilogram (!) of pure gold in one numismat
  • Very luxurious collector's edition
  • Interesting motive of heraldry and legends of the United Kingdom
  • World famous Royal Mint quality
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The British Royal Mint has decided to bid a dignified farewell to the Queen’s Beasts series, which over the past few years has been presenting to the world a series of new creatures associated with the heraldry and royal tradition of Elizabeth II. Many variants of this coin have been minted in silver and gold, but this one is particularly impressive. For the creation of each of the … 17 pieces a kilogram of pure 999.9 gold was used. As Coins From World we offer you the opportunity to purchase one of these unique and very valuable numismatic coins, whose value will steadily increase.

Mythological creatures immortalised in kilograms of gold

This coin can become a highlight of your collection and occupy a special place in it. Its design, by Jody Clark, brings together images of all 10 of the Queen’s beasts. With your purchase you will learn about the unique symbolism of the creatures appearing in the legends of England, Scotland and Wales. Although you see £1000 on the face value of the coin, please remember that the value of the coin is already much higher at the time of purchase. This is a very high-end collectible and a special summary of the entire The Queen’s Beasts series.

We ensure discretion, professionalism, quick order execution and safe transport. We are your reliable partner when making an investment worth even several hundred thousand zlotys. We select only the most interesting numismatic from around the world so we could not remain indifferent with regard to such an interesting British collection.

Special features of the Gold coin:

  • Very rare collector coin
  • Very high gold content
  • Gold purity 999.9
  • A unique combination to complete the Queen’s Beasts collection
  • A luxury set available online



Face Value




Fineness (purity)


Weight (g)

1 kg

Size (mm)




Mintage (pcs)


Certificate (COA)


Presentation case (box)



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