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Great Britain 2017 £10 Queen’s Beasts Unicorn of Scotland 5 oz Silver Proof Coin NGC PF70

Queens Beasts Series Unicorn of Scotland NGC PF70

  • Over 156 g of pure silver
  • Perfect condition NGC PF70
  • Heraldic Queen's Beasts collection
  • Jody Clark's design mastery
  • Only 230 coins in this condition in the world

The coin you are currently viewing is available without certificate and box, which does not diminish its value, as the most important information is: its condition is perfect. This is confirmed by the NGC PF70 standard. In addition – of the entire issue, this can only be said of 230 copies. Sound intriguing? Find out more about what else makes this numismatic coin special.

5 ounces of silver and perfect condition

Speaking of the greatest assets of the 2017 Unicorn Scotland coin, this variant contains as much as 5 ounces of pure silver. Let’s pause for a moment. 5 ounces means that this one numismatic coin contains over 156g of fine 999 bullion! The maximum issue of 2017 called for the production of 750 pieces, but let us remind ourselves that only 230 of them stand out today in NGC PF70 condition.

The coin – its obverse and reverse – was entirely designed by Jody Clark. This time in the Queen’s Beast collection, however, the unicorn – the symbol of Scotland – became the leitmotif.

Special features of the coin:

  • As much as 5 ounces of 999 silver
  • Only 230 pieces in this condition
  • NGC PF70 standard
  • Part of the luxurious Queen’s Beasts collection
  • Heraldic Scottish unicorn motif



Face Value




Fineness (purity)


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Mintage (pcs)


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