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Fiji 2020 4 x 1$ COCA COLA Bottle Cap Vending Machine 4 Coin Silver Set

Vending Machine Coca-Cola, Sprite, Diet Coke and Fanta Orange

  • An unusual way to commemorate the Coca-Cola brand
  • One of the most amazing numismatic sets in the history of our store
  • A set of four bottle (of popular carbonated drinks) caps-shaped coins
  • 6 g of silver .999 in each of the numismatic items
  • A surprising and customized fridge-shaped collector's pack

Coca-Cola belongs to the group of the strongest brands in the world, and drinks sold under this name have been enjoying global popularity for many generations. One of the characteristic elements of the glass packaging is the cap. This proved to be enough inspiration to … produce a set of four silver coins!

Bottle caps more valuable than you may think

Coca-Cola has been conquering the market since 1886, and as a brand it is even an icon of pop culture. The brand’s logo appears on many clothes or everyday items, but probably hardly anyone would connect it with … the world of numismatics.

The issuer of the presented set, the Republic of Fiji, decided to take this step. At an attractive price you get a miniature imitation of a characteristic fridge with the slogan “Have a Coke”. Inside are four drink caps that no one needs to be familiarized with – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. However, these are not real caps, but their silver counterparts weighing 6 g. Each numismat is made of silver of purity .999. The set prepared for 2020 is the perfect gift idea for every Cola lover. Although numismatics have a non-standard shape, they are an interesting subject of interest for collectors. The value of a set from a distant country will certainly increase.

This is the best example that the world of numismatics can be modern, colorful and diverse!

Special features silver coins:

  • The only such issue – coins imitating Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite caps,
  • The perfect gift idea for Coca-Cola and pop culture lover.
  • Precious silver “dressed” in a non-standard form.
  • Original issue from the Republic of Fiji.
  • Safe purchase in Polish online store.



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