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Cook Islands 2015 – 200$ Year Of The Goat Mother Of Pearl Lunar “3” – 5 Oz Gold Proof Coin

The Mother of Pearl – Gold Collector’s Coin

  5 ounces of gold in each copy

  High fineness – 999/1000 Au

  Another edition of the unique collection from the Cook Islands

  Mother of pearl added

  Commemorating year 2015 and the goat from the Chinese horoscope

15 961,73$

Let’s start with the facts: Cook Islands coins are appreciated for many reasons, and therefore particularly valuable. Learn more about the collection that combines gold and mother of pearl in a really spectacular style. Time to move to year 2015. In Chinese horoscope this is the year of the goat – Cook Islands minters decided to commemorate this releasing a themed coin. One of these coins is available in our online numismatic shop: Coins From World.

Golden year of the goat 

What distinguishes the shown numismat? Naming all the features may take a long time, but let’s try… Above all: gold of high 999/1000 fineness, weight – over 155 grams, which is 5 ounces. Impressive! With a $ 200 face value and a mother-of-pearl additive, this really makes an astounding effect. In the detailed design, we can see a homely looking goat, which was very meticulously depicted. The color of mother of pearl has tinges of red.

You can examine the image closely due to a diameter of 65 millimeters. You can also see a serrated rim, as well as a proof stamp. Collectors will certainly appreciate such additions as certificate of authenticity and storage boxes.

Only 25 identical coins were created. Therefore each of them is worth a lot, and the amount you will potentially gain in the future will surely make an impression.

Just a few words about the goat year itself, which occurs every 12 years, so the representatives of the goat year were born in 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943… It is believed that they are elegant people with a tendency to draw attention, but also calm and caring. Romance and creativity are also qualities that are appreciated by many people. Goat is believed to be the Asian equivalent of zodiacal cancer. That’s just another curio that makes the coin more valuable. Order it, while it is still available!

Special features:

  A combination of gold and mother of pearl in a luxurious edition.

  Extraordinary emission from distant Cook Islands.

  Over 155 grams of gold in a precious coin

  Only 25 copies worldwide.

  Made meticulously and with care for details.

Kraj Cook Islands
Data emisji 2015
Face value 200$
Weight (g) 155..5
Próba 999/1000 AU
Diameter (mm) 65
Finish Proof
Certyfikat (COA) Yes
Exclusive Box Yes
Nakład 25
Edge serrated

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