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Cook Islands 2015 – 20$ – 25$ Masterpieces of Art – Golden Throne Tutankhamun – Premium Edition

Silver commemorative coin

  Series Masterpieces of Art – Premium Edition

  The most famous painting masterpieces of the world

  3oz. Pure Silver and 1/4oz. Pure Gold – 99.99%

  Mintage strictly limited to 999 pcs

  Coin embellished with 26 Swarovski crystals

  One of the most prestigious series in the world

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The “Golden Throne Tutankhamun” is a seven coin from PREMIUM EDITION of beautiful series Masterpieces of Art.
A numismatic masterpiece, made of 3 oz / 93,3 grams of pure silver and 1/4 oz / 7,778 grams of pure gold with 26 pcs authentic swarovski crystals inlaid in this 55 mm coin, issued by Cook Islands.

  •     Contains 3 oz / 93,3 grams of .999 fine Silver.

  •     Contains 1/4 oz / 7,778 grams of .999 fine Gold.

  •     Coin embellished with 26 Swarovski crystals

  •     Coin comes in a special black box with a numbered COA.

  •     Strict limited mintage of only 999 coins.

  •     Obverse: Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, “Cook Islands”, and the legal tender value of 20 Dollars and 25 Dollars

  •     Reverse: A very high quality rendition of The Golden Throne Tutankhamun


                                             In the series of Masterpieces of Art PREMIUM EDITION  you can find:


                                               2009 Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

                                               2010 Vitruvian Man – Leonardo da Vinci

                                               2011 The Golden Portrait Mask of Tutankhamun 

                                               2012 The Bust of Nefertiti

                                               2013 The Virgin of Vladimir

                                               2014 Pieta – Michelangelo

                                               2015 The Golden Throne of Tutankhamun   




Tutankhamun’s Gold Throne

The golden throne that Howard Carter discovered in the Antechamber beneath the hippopotamus couch is similar to the chair belonging to Sitamun. The style was popular for royal chairs of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Instead of female torsos protruding from the seat, however, the more traditional lions are in their place. Carved of wood, the armchair is covered in gold, and there is some silver overlay as well. Colored glass, faience, calcite, and semi-precious stones are used for the inlays.

The iconography relates to Atonist doctrines, but the names of the king and queen appearing on the chair use both the earlier (Aton) and later (Amon) forms. Such a combination indicate that the chair was probably produced rather early in Tutankhamun’s reign, during the period of transition to the orthodox religion.

The back of the chair is supported by three vertical struts; the outer two are carved with the king’s Aton name, the middle one with that of the queen. Four hooded cobra with solar disks rise up in pairs between each of the supports. A carved and gilded scene with birds in a thicket appears on the outer surface of the back of the seat. In the triangular opening formed between the diagonal of the back and the vertical support on each side is a hooded cobra. The one on the left wears the red crown of Lower Egypt, while the one on the right has the white crown of Upper Egypt.

The carved plant motif between the feline-form legs has been removed by the robbers, but the delicate openwork design of the arms remains intact. On either side, a winged cobra wears the double crown and rests on a basket. Her outstretched wings enclose the hieroglyphs for the “king of Upper and Lower Egypt” followed by the sign for infinity (shen). A cartouche of the king is at the end of her wings on either side of the chair.

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Golden Throne Tutankhamun

Weight 500 kg
Mintage (pcs)
Fineness (purity)
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