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Cook Islands 2014 – 3 x 20$ Giants Windows of Heaven Cologne – Silver Proof Coin

Premium Silver Coin Set – Windows of Heaven Giants


  The first coin in the new series Cologne Cathedral

  Real stained glass window with an image from the cathedrals across the world

  3 x 3 oz. / 279.90 grams pure silver 0.999

  Mintage strictly limited to 999 pcs

  Coins decorated with a total of 9 glass stained glass

  Reach for the wonderful beauty of sacred art





This set is the very first premium edition out of the Windows of Heaven series. This very successful coin series started in 2010 also with a Cologne Cathedral window which was sold out immediately. This 3 times 3 ounce .999 silver coin series is one of the most spectacular coin sets of the year. The 3 windows are called “The Holy kings windows” and are the most important windows in the Cologne Cathedral. A never seen deluxe edition with the biggest glass intarsia ever made.

A real masterpiece of minting. Two of the three coins in this set have 3 handcrafted glass inlays inserted. Many month of testing made it possible to have very thin silver areas between these 3 windows. Such an innovation you have never seen before. Because of this world’s first technology these windows have an impressive effect. Every collector who holds this coin in his hands will understand that this is not a “normal coin”

The windows which are inserted in the coin are dedicated to the 3 holy kings. Those are the most known and important church windows in the cologne cathedral. The story behind it is this golden shrine. It is located in the Cologne cathedral and tells an incredible story. Inside this golden shrine there supposed to be bones of the three holy kings. Many hundred years old relics of humans, which were part of one of the most popular story in history.

Since many years glass inlays are inserted in the coins. This coin set includes the coin with the biggest glass inlay ever inserted in a coin. 49 x 24mm real glass with a high detailed color printing. A glass inlay of this size is extremely difficult to handle and a real masterpiece of minting technology.

To improve the presentation of this premium coin set there are some LED lamps inserted in the back of the collection box. These LED lamps are connected to a magnetism system which can be activated by opening the box. In the back of the box is a white glass inserted which reflect the lights perfect to glow through the 3 coins. This means when you open the box in a dark room the 3 glass window coins began to shine. Really an amazing effect.

Each coin has an individual number engraved in the silver of the obverse side. This means all 3 coins fit to each other inside this set. Also a very good USP which makes each collection unique.



  •     First Premium Edition out of the Windows of Heaven series!

  •     Biggest glass inlays of the world!

  •     First coins in history with 3 inserted glass inlays!

  •     LED light illuminated premium collection box!

  •     Each coin has an individual number engraved in the silver of the obverse side

  •     Obverse: Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, “Cook Islands”, and the legal tender value of 20 Dollars

  •     Reverse: A very high quality rendition of Cologne Cathedral



 In the series of Windows of Heaven you can find:

  2010 Windows of Heaven – Cologne

  2011 Windows of Heaven – Notre Dame de Paris

  2011 Windows of Heaven – Sevilla

  2011 Windows of Heaven – Westminster Abbey London

  2011 Windows of History – Titanic

  2012 Windows of Heaven – Bethlehem

  2012 Windows of Heaven – Cracow St Francis

  2012 Windows of Heaven – St Isaac Cathedral

  2013 Windows of Heaven – Chartres

  2013 Windows of Heaven – Lourdes

  2013 Windows of Heaven – Milan Cathedral

  2013 Windows of History – Grand Central Terminal

  2014 Windows of Heaven – Buenos Aires

  2014 Windows of Heaven – Sacre Coeur

  2014 Windows of Heaven – Washington National Cathedral – Special Editon

  2014 Windows of Heaven Giants – Cologne Cathedral – Special Edition

  2015 Windows of Heaven – Zagreb Cathedral

  2015 Windows of Heaven – Stockholm

  2015 Windows of Heaven – Jerusalem Dominus Flevit

  2015 Windows of Heaven Giants – Notre Dame – Special Edition


Cologne Cathedral (German: Kölner Dom, officially Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus, Latin: Ecclesia Cathedralis Sanctorum Petri et Mariae, English: High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne, Germany. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne, currently, since his 2014 transfer from Berlin, Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki, and of the administration of the Archdiocese of Cologne. It is a renowned monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture and is a World Heritage Site. It is Germany’s most visited landmark, attracting an average of 20,000 people a day.

Construction of Cologne Cathedral commenced in 1248 and was halted in 1473, leaving it unfinished. Work restarted in the 19th century and was completed, to the original plan, in 1880. It is 144.5 metres (474 ft) long, 86.25 m (283.0 ft) wide and its towers are approximately 157 m (515 ft) tall. The cathedral is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe and has the second-tallest spires (after Ulm Minster. See info-box below.) Its two huge spires give it the largest façade of any church in the world. The choir has the largest height to width ratio, 3.6:1, of any medieval church.

Cologne’s medieval builders had planned a grand structure to house the reliquary of the Three Kings and fit its role as a place of worship for the Holy Roman Emperor. Despite having been left incomplete during the medieval period, Cologne Cathedral eventually became unified as “a masterpiece of exceptional intrinsic value” and “a powerful testimony to the strength and persistence of Christian belief in medieval and modern Europe”.


Cologne Cathedral

Weight 500 kg
Mintage (pcs)
Fineness (purity)
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