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Cook Islands 2014 – 20$ Masterpieces of Art – Leda And Swan – Peter Paul Rubens – 3 oz Silver Coin Proof

Silver commemorative coin

  Series Masterpieces of Art – Ars Vaticana

  The most famous painting masterpieces of the world

  Three ounces of pure beauty

  Pure silver 99.99%

  Coin embellished with 16 Swarovski crystals

  One of the most desirable series in the world

Currently out of stock

This coin is a continuation beautiful series of the Masterpieces of Art.
A numismatic masterpiece, made of 3 oz / 93,3 grams of pure silver 999 with authentic swarovski crystals inlaid in this 55 mm coin, issued by Cook Islands.

  •     Contains 3 oz / 93,3 grams of .999 fine Silver.

  •     Coin embellished with 16 Swarovski crystals

  •     Coin comes in a beautiful black box with a COA.

  •     Strict limited mintage of only 1601 coins.

  •     Obverse: Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, “Cook Islands”, and the legal tender value of 20 Dollars.

  •     Reverse: A very high quality rendition of The Leda And Swan – Peter Paul Rubens






The Leda And Swan – Peter Paul Rubens

Year 1601

Peter Paul Rubens was a well known artist during the Baroque era. He completed hundreds of works in various mediums—many were famous at the time and still are today. But there are also many works of art that people don’t know much about. One of these works is his painting Leda and the Swan. He painted two versions of this subject. The first was completed in 1601 and the second was completed in 1602.

Rubens was heavily influenced by Michelangelo. He was introduced to his work on his journey to Italy. Rubens decided to go to Rome to make copies of paintings and further his studies of Italian art from the leading Italian artists of the previous century, later termed the Renaissance. In Rome, he encountered Michelangelo’s version of Leda and the Swan. Even though Michelangelo’s version does not exist today, copies of it do. A copy of Michelangelo’s original work was done by Rubens. Rubens would have been familiar with Michelangelo’s Leda. His version is considered a prototype for Rubens’s two works. Rubens’s 1601 Leda, was modeled after Michelangelo’s Leda. The placement of the body is very similar as is its twisting posture. Even the positioning of the fingers is mirrored. The swan is caressing the female in exactly the same way.

Weight 500 kg
Mintage (pcs)
Fineness (purity)
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