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Canada 2019 200$ 40th Anniversary of the Gold Maple Leaf (GML) 2 oz Pure Gold Coin #1

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Collector Coins

  • One of 175 copies.
  • A unique commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the first issue of the legendary Canadian coin.
  • Unique quality visible in details.
  • 2 oz high purity gold.
  • A good opportunity to supplement your collection of valuable bullion coins.
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Did you know that the bullion coin known as GML (Gold Maple Leaf) has over 40 years of history? The Canadian Royal Mint, one of the most famous in the world, decided to celebrate the round anniversary with a special edition of the iconic coin. Today you have a unique opportunity to order one of only 175 copies online.

Maple leaf – a trademark of Canadian coins

Simple solutions are sometimes the best. In 1979, when the first edition of the coin known as Gold Maple Leaf was issued, its authors were inspired by the maple leaf motif, which is one of the national symbols of Canadians.

The collectors enthusiastically invested in subsequent editions with this very theme. The 2019 year was the 40th anniversary of the first issue. A limited series of 175 collector coins was prepared in the Royal Canadian Mint, giving as much as 2 ounces of pure gold (99.99%) for each of them. The obverse represents the image of Elizabeth II, and the value of the coin is additionally confirmed by the fact that the laser micrograving method was used by its manufacture. Moving the coin in daylight, one can discern the reflecting rays, which adds to its charm and style.

Special features of the coin:

  • A commemorative edition minted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of introducing this very project to the market.
  • Over 62 g of pure gold in one coin.
  • Modern production technology – refreshed classic design.
  • Low mintage – 175 copies worldwide.
  • Collector’s set with a certificate of authenticity.



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