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Canada 2019 20$ Hatching Hadrosaur Egg-Shape 1 oz Pure Silver Coloured Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint Glow-in-the-Dark Coins

  • Silver collector's numismatic item with a dinosaur egg-like shape
  • A unique project of the Royal Canadian Mint
  • The coin glows in the dark, revealing a surprise
  • Interesting idea for a gift or investing free funds
  • The first such collection from 2019

Did you know that a coin can change its appearance under the influence of light? Here is one piece of evidence of the extraordinary ingenuity of employees of the Royal Canadian Mint. Taking advantage of the theme of dinosaurs (are there among us those who have never been interested in these ancient giants?), masters of numismatic craftsmanship surprised even their biggest fans.

The remains of a dinosaur enchanted in a coin

It’s been a long time since dinosaurs ruled on Earth. There are several places where dinosaur embryo remains were discovered – among others in southern Alberta, Canada. That is why the Canadian Royal Mint decided to mention the extraordinary archeological discovery of 1987.

The shape of a coin resembles … an egg, and a unique effect is obtained by highlighting a numismatic item. This is the first numismatic coin of this type for dinosaur fans, and by the way a very valuable copy. Only 4,000 of similar copies were issued. An ounce of pure silver also works on the imagination. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to get this unique custom collector coin.

Special features:

  • You can be sure it’s a unique type of silver coins
  • 99% ores
  • Very aesthetic and creative craftsmanship of the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Attractive price considering the performance and emission limited to 4000 copies
  • A unique collector’s set with packaging and a certificate of authenticity

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