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Canada 2017 – $350 Iconic Canadian Animals Majestic Elk “5” – Pure Gold Coin

Royal Canadian Mint Gold commemorative coin

  $350 pure gold coin – The Majestic Elk

  Another coin in timeless series of gold coins featuring iconic Canadian animals

  35 grams of purest gold 99.999%

  Limited mintage to 400 coins worldwide

  An elegant box and certificate of authenticity included


The 2nd of May 2017 is the date of the most exciting release for coin collectors all over the world. That’s because Royal Canadian Mint returns to what they have always been famous for – depicting wildlife motives, of which North America can really boast. Find out what they have prepared for us and order it, before other beauty connoisseurs do!

Majestic deer from Canada

Face value of this precious coin is 350 Canadian dollars and it show a Canadian deer caught up in its natural surroundings. This animal is undoubtedly significant for Canadian wildlife unfettered by man’s activity. This is a real symbol of Western Canada, a place where rules the nature admired all over the world. The coin itself distinguishes with pure gold of 99.999 fineness, worked by hand by mint masters, which is confirmed by attached certificate. Breathtaking elaboration makes you want to buy it in our online numismatic shop.

This memorable picture is the masterpiece of indispensable and respected by Royal Canadian Mint artist Maurade Baynton. The provided mintage is 400 units, so you really have to hurry if you want to acquire the desired thing with 32-millimetre diameter and weight of 35 grams. You will receive the coin in a luxurious box, perfect for keeping the most precious coins of your collection. Do not hesitate even for a second – it’s really worth it!

Special features:

  Another coin in Royal Canadian Mint timeless series featuring iconic Canadian animals – the Majestic Elk

  Expertly engraved with multiple finishes! Realistic portrait through an amazing attention to detail

  350$ gold coin is crafted in purest gold available in the world 99.999% to proof perfection!

  35 grams of pure gold

  The reverse was designed by Canadian artist Maurade Bayntona

  A mintage limited to only 400 coins worldwide

  Coin is housed in elegant box. A certificate of authenticity is included

In the series “Iconic Canadian Animals” you can find the following coins:

  Canada 2013 – $350 Iconic Canadian Animals – Arctic Polar Bear

  Canada 2014 – $350 Iconic Canadian Animals – Majestic Moose

  Canada 2015 – $350 Iconic Canadian Animals – Imposing Alpha Male Wolf

  Canada 2016 – $350 Iconic Canadian Animals – Bold Black Bear

  Canada 2017 – $350 Iconic Canadian Animals – Majestic Elk

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