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Canada 2017 $200 Iconic Maple Leaf MATTE PROOF 1 oz Pure Gold Coin NGC PF70

Iconic Maple Leaf Gold Coin NGC PF70

  • The famous Maple Leaf 1 oz gold coin
  • Proof 999
  • NGC PF70 condition - a treat for collectors
  • Scarce availability of the coin in this condition
  • Maple leaf as the symbol of Canada and the coin's decoration

The official symbol of Canada is the maple leaf – the primary association with the northern country. It is therefore no surprise that this motif has been used in numismatics for years, even decades. The Royal Canadian Mint is renowned for the excellent products and results of its engravers. The coin we recommend in this offer is an unusual yet valuable addition to your growing collection.

Perfect condition for an iconic coin

Although the coin is sold without a COA and the commemorative box, what matters most is its condition. And this one can in good conscience be described as perfect, since we are talking about a numismatic coin in NGC PF70 standard. There are only 217 copies in this condition in the world. One of them can come to you via the Coins From World online numismatic shop.

The $200 Canadian coin contains 1 ounce of pure 999 gold and is a testament to the very high skill of the Royal Canadian Mint’s engravers. The maple leaf has long been associated with Canada, as it was what allowed the country’s explorers to survive in extreme weather conditions, far from sources of everyday food.

Special features of the coin:

  • Perfect condition of NGC PF70

  • A perfect interpretation of the maple leaf motif

  • Only 217 pieces in this condition worldwide

  • An attractive collector’s numismat

  • Coin with the most important symbol of Canada




Face Value




Fineness (purity)


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Matte Proof

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