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Canada 2017 20$ Murano Glass Snow Covered Tree 1 oz Pure Silver Coin #4

The Royal Canadian Mint Christmas Silver Coins Murano Glass Series

  • Murano glass Christmas tree theme
  • Another Christmas numismatic coin of the Canadian Royal Mint
  • One of 7000 copies in the world
  • High quality silver
  • Not only for lovers of winter and Christmas

It is hard to find more significant symbols of Christmas and winter than the Christmas tree we’ve been putting in our homes for generations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the coin presented here enjoys considerable interest from collectors from around the world, including Poland. Discover another example of the fruitful cooperation of the Royal Canadian Mint with artisans from Murano!

A glass Christmas tree on a silver background

In 2017, the collection of Christmas coins of the Royal Canadian Mint was limited to the issue of 7,000 copies. This makes them more difficult to purchase and their value is gradually increasing.

What is special about this numismatic coin? Certainly unique decoration, intensely green Christmas tree made of Murano glass. And in the background – an image of a house, sleigh, snowy trees. Another winter “landscape” prepared by the Canadian Royal Mint using silver of purity 99.99%. The 20-dollar numismatic coin is an interesting idea for a gift, as well as an investment in a high-quality collection. Do zestawu dołączamy opakowanie i certyfikat potwierdzający autentyczność nabytego egzemplarza.

Special features silver coin:

  • Original coin from the Royal Canadian Mint
  • The unique use of Murano glass
  • Craft quality workmanship
  • Collector’s set no longer available in the mint’s store
  • Christmas collection – 2017 edition

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