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Canada 2017 – 20$ Ancient Canada Dinosaurs Ornithomimus “1” – 1 Oz Silver Proof Coin

Royal Canadian Mint – Silver Collector Coins

  Coin with an ancient trimming

  The remains of a ornithomimus dinosaur are the main theme

  One ounce of silver of the highest fineness

  Issued by the appreciated all over the world Royal Canadian Mint

  Unique case suitable to be kept on the shelf

  Limited mintage of just 5500 coins worldwide



Thanks to the Canadians from Royal Canadian Mint, the collectors of precious coins from all over the world can refresh their botanical knowledge every season. Probably there is no such country, which returns to its natural origins that often. The newest 20-dollar coin is also the numismatic time machine, which takes us back to the very distant past…

A new dinosaur 


It is enough just to shoot a glance to notice the speciality of this coin – which is obviously a sign of great collectors value. This precious coin from another country stands out among others thanks to an uncommon package suitable for exhibiting the item, for example by putting it on a shelf, so it would be visible for other people.

You can guess from the weight of 31,39 grams that the bullion is the silver of 999 fineness. The diameter of 38 millimetres allows us to admire fully the prettiness of it. There have been 5500 units only issued. Their ancient trimming is their distinctive feature. It perfectly harmonises with the main theme – with the remains of ornithomimus dinosaur. This is one of the most interesting offers from Canadian minters. You can order it now in our online numismatic shop – safely and comfortably! 

Special features:

  Coin amazes with its stylised as ancient seal

  Output of five and a half thousand silver coins only

  Royal Canadian Mint’s offer for year 2017

  31,39 grams of silver of 999 fineness

  Unique and original work, where even the smallest details have been taken care of

  Luxurious package and certificate confirming authenticity

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Fineness (purity)
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