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Canada 2009 – 300$ Steppe Bison “3” – 1 Oz. Platinum Coin

Royal Canadian Mint Platinum Coins

  One of the most interesting coins on the market that depicts a buffalo.

  Platinum of high quality, 995 fineness.

  High collector’s value of the entire series.

  Mintage strictly limited to 200 items.

  A set with a certificate and a box.

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Once upon a time, long before the colonizers’ escapades, and even before the oldest stories told by the Indians, North America was possessed by large, free animals. By the way, in Canada we still encounter such areas, but we are talking about completely different times and circumstances. Buffalo was one of the steppe kings. Now – the hero of the 3rd edition of the exceptional collection of platinum coins.

King of the steppe

The powerful buffalo was depicted on a coin with care for details, but in a symbolic style which is peculiar to traditional coins. All Royal Canadian Mint emissions are of high quality, that’s why we promote this mint so eagerly via our online Coins From World coin shop.

In this case, we are dealing with a coin that weighs over 31 grams and is made of precious metal: platinum 995/1000. Minters haven’t omitted also such details as a serrated rim or a proof stamp, and even though the coin’s face value is $ 300, its value already, a few years after the release, is relatively high, worth the investment. Remember about the additions – the collectors’ package and a special, original certificate.

The mintage was limited to only 200 copies, due to this fact sometimes it’s really hard to track this coin. Thanks to our store, getting such gems becomes much easier. We recommend due to the high quality and interesting nature of the entire collection, which focuses on extinct, semi-legendary animals. In this case, we’re talking about buffalos, Bovidae mammals. Once there was much more of them in Canada. Interestingly, the descendants of this species are American buffalos and… Polish bisons, so carefully protected for decades.

Special features:

  Face value 300 dollars, market value – several thousand zlotys.

  Only 200 copies emitted in 2009.

  Pt 995 – noble bullion.

  Serrated rim and classic design.

  A valuable collector’s set part of a series of prehistoric, extinct animals.

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Weight 500 kg
Mintage (pcs)
Fineness (purity)
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