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Canada 2008 – 300$ Scimitar Cat “2” – 1 Oz. Platinum Coin

Royal Canadian Mint Platinum Coins

  Prehistoric saber-toothed cat realistically depicted

  Platinum of 995 fineness – precious bullion

  Only 200 items issued in 2008

  High collector value

  Canadian quality and Royal Canadian Mint certificate – one of the most interesting mints in the world


The Canadian mint is rightly associated with “natural” coin collections – usually main theme of their coins is nature, in this case – animals. If you are looking for valuable coins from around the world – you will find them in Coins From World, both new releases and a bit older ones. We show the coin from 2008, the second part of an extraordinary, platinum collection.

Saber-toothed platinum 

Here you can order a coin issued in 2008 by the Royal Canadian Mint. Its face value is $ 300, but the market value is much higher. It weighs a bit over 31 grams and is distinguished by its material: a real platinum of 995/1000 fineness. Its big advantage is the noble minimalism of the project, characterised by the lack of unnecessary additions and the focusing on depicting the saber-toothed tiger (sabre-toothed). When talking about interesting visual features, we should point a proof stamp, a serrated rim, and a diameter of 30 millimeters.

Why is the second part of the prehistoric animals collection with worth investing? The mintage 300$ Scimitar Cat Platinum of this coin is only 200 units, so this is a real rarity. We attach a certificate of authenticity as well as a collector’s storage box.

The tiger itself – the researchers call like that cat-like predators that have died out long ago. They were supposed to have characteristic fangs that protruded from the jaw. By the way, it is one of those ancient animals that were strongly embedded in pop culture – fairy tales, games or comics. If you want to purchase this Canadian collection, it is advisable to start from the oldest, almost unavailable copies. Safe purchase in our online store will make it easier for you to collect the whole series! We encourage you to check the remaining offer of platinum coins.

Special features:

  Mintage of only 200 units

  The set contains COA and a box for collectors

  High platinum content

  Another example of the “animal” collection of Canadian Royal Mint

  A windfall for those who in favour of traditional design and subdued coin

In the series “PREHISTORIC ANIMALS” you can find:

  Canada 2007 300$ Woolly Mammoth Platinum Coin

  Canada 2008 300$ Scimitar Cat Platinum Coin

  Canada 2009 300$ Steppe Bison Platinum Coin

  Canada 2010 300$ Ground Sloth Platinum Coin

Weight 500 kg
Certyfikat (COA)


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Diamonds - Weight approx.


Exclusive Box



Royal Canadian Mint



Face value



995/1000 Pt



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