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Australia 2021 500$ KOOKABURRA 5 oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin

The Perth Mint Australian Kookaburra Gold Coins

  • Very limited mintage - only 50 pieces
  • As much as 5 ounces of gold in one precious coin
  • Wooden collector's box
  • Limited edition of the Australian Perth Mint
  • Finely crafted Kookaburra bird motif
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Are you, like us, fascinated by the precision of details and prestigious editions of iconic numismats? If so, be sure to discover which precious coin from the Australian Perth Mint has attracted our attention and that is why we offer it in Poland.

Kookaburra – a symbol of Australian nature engraved on a collector coin

The motif – the Kookaburra bird – is not surprising. The Australians have been using it since 1990, and so began the fourth decade of a period in which one of the symbols of Australian nature regularly appears on coins. This one is unique in many ways, first of all it is made of 5 ounces of 99.99% pure gold. And now for the most important thing: only 50 of these copies have been released to the market. Will one of them add distinction to your collection? Don’t hesitate to make an investment decision and benefit from the numismatic expertise of the Coins From World online store.

The high relief and perfect execution of the elaborate design can be noticed among other things in the details of the naturalistic representation of the bird depicted in its natural environment. All this is complemented by the luxurious wooden box. Perth Mint continues to refine the motifs well known to itself and its customers. We must admit that the effects are spectacular, and the Australian engravers and other mint specialists continue to prove their excellence. Also Polish collectors benefit from their experience, so why not become one of them?

Special features of the gold coin:

  • 1 of 50 on the market
  • High content of pure gold
  • Set with wooden box and certificate
  • Excellent collector’s investment
  • Refined Kookaburra motif known for over 30 years




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Fineness (purity)


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