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Australia 2021 1000$ Kimberley Sunset 5 oz Rose Gold Proof High Relief Pink Diamond Coin

The Perth Mint Kimberley Sunset Gold Coin

  • Approximately 0.09ct of handset Argyle pink diamond
  • As much as 5 ounces of bullion in each piece
  • Pink diamond inlay
  • The motif of the Kimberley region of Australia
  • The customary premium quality of the Perth Mint

Spectacular design, exquisite workmanship and highly collectible character – that is, essentially, how the coin from Australia’s Perth Mint can be described, a coin recommended for purchase by Coins From World customers seeking the highest quality unique numismatic coins from around the world.

Sunset over the Kimberley

Well, let’s get straight to the details. Due to the fact that the 2021 coin was issued in only 60 pieces, it is already highly desirable on the international collector’s market. This beautiful piece was struck using 5 ounces of 91.67% pure rose gold. Furthermore, the whole is complemented by a pink diamond of 0.09 kt. from the Argyle mine.

The latter is no mere coincidence. The Argyle mine is located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and it is to this corner of the country (and continent) that the presented coin has been dedicated. In terms of sightseeing it is a wonderful natural site, which is why the designer Tom Vaughan, cooperating with the Perth Mint, made an effort to reflect it on the symbolic reverse of this coin.

Please note again: this coin weighs over 155 g, is over 40 mm in diameter and almost 10 mm thick. With proof and high relief finishing, the coin has an excellent appearance, both in the hand and in a decorative collector’s box or among other collectibles. This investment marks a step into the future, as the value of such a rare coin must increase.

Special features of the coin:

  • 5 oz pink gold 91.67%
  • Pink diamond from Argyle
  • Unique design by the Australian mint
  • Kimberley sunset motif
  • Only 60 copies worldwide





Face Value




Fineness (purity)


Weight (g)

5 oz

Size (mm)




Mintage (pcs)


Certificate (COA)


Presentation case (box)



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