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Australia 2018 – 200$ ANZAC Spirit In Flanders Fields “2” – 2oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin

The Perth Mint Gold Collector Coins

  1 of 100 coins issued

  High gold fineness

  Whole 2 ounces of pure bullion

  Design and workmanship – Perth Mint

  A unique tribute to the heroic ANZAC veterans

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Another decades are passing, but in Australia and New Zealand everyone remembers the heroic soldiers who contributed to the end of World War I and to the restoration of, even if for a short time, order in Europe. ANZAC troops are commemorated not only by ceremonies or in books, but also by such exceptional items as the valuable collector’s coins of the legendary Perth Mint. Today we show another coin, in which the investment is linked with considerable profits…


ANZAC Spirit In Flanders Fields

Take a look at the perfect workmanship of the Perth Mint of Australia. The employees of this famous mint have always put heart and soul into their work, to make sure that the final effect will knock everybody down. Noble gold fits perfectly with the red of symbolic roses that commemorate heroes of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), who were killed in World War I. ANZAC, who have been fighting since 1915, had great impact on positive result of the disputes after the war. It is worth to remind that Anzac Day is celebrated in Australia on April 25, on the anniversary of landing at Gallipoli.

Let’s return to the beautiful numismat. Do you know that it weighs over 62 g? All because of two ounces of pure gold that were used to issue each copy. Pure gold of 0.9999 fineness leaves no doubt that we’re dealing with a very precious item. Add to this such features as classic shape, serrated rim or proof stamp. The denomination is 200 dollars, but the market value, already at the moment of the release, is much, much higher. It is difficult to get a different price if it appeared on the market just in 2018… 100 such copies. Can you believe that one of them can be yours? In our numismatic online store your transaction will go safely and in accordance with the procedures. You have the opportunity to include a sort of medal in the collection that honors the great heroes of Australia and New Zealand.

Special features:

  An exceptional anniversary – a luxurious coin, low mintage

  Over 36 mm in diameter of a gold coin

  A mastered performance of the Perth Mint

  The Pure Gold Trial – 0.9999

  Over 60 g of pure gold in one precious coin

In the series “Anzac Gold Coin” you can find:

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  200$ ANZAC Spirit In Flanders Fields “2” – 2oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin Australia 2018




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