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Australia 2017 – 500$ Australian Kangaroo Argyle Pink Diamond Edition – 2oz Pure Gold Coin

The Perth Mint – Gold Collector Coins

  The whole 2 ounces of gold of 999 fineness

  The coin contains an extremely rare pink diamond from Australia

  The coin contains a pink diamond

  Input limited up to 300 units

  Special collectors’ package

  One of the most important Australian mint proposition for 2017


A kangaroo is a widely known symbol of Australia, so it’s no surprise that it comes back like a boomerang in another editions of luxurious coins from the Antipodes Islands. People from the insular continent have a flair for minting, so showing and selling their coins is a real pleasure. Get to know their another item – this time the one adorned with a pink diamond.

Gold and diamond rush  

Australian Perth Mint has shown to the world another exquisite numismatic masterpiece. Two ounces of pure gold of 999 fineness, on which there is depicted the symbolic kangaroo, which reminds us that this is the animal that distinguishes the continent among others.

The most impressive adornment is the pink diamond extracted from the mine located in west Kimberley. This is without any doubt the hottest release in the first half of 2017. It should be noted that the Australians are still able to surprise with mingling high quality of making, luxurious elements of the coin and consequent applying of their favourite motives.

The input of the exclusive coin is just 300 units for the whole world with the exception of United States. One of them can be yours – order today! We guarantee safety and comfortable delivery of this extraordinary item.

The whole thing was packed in a special, black collectors’ box. You are also given a certificate confirming authenticity. This weighing over 60 grams gold coin with a diamond is a real treasure. It is worth to locate it in the centre of your private collection and to enjoy its value, which is growing year by year.

Bet on luxury, meticulousness and tradition handed down from generation to generation. The 500 dollar coin deserves your attention, even if you are pretty familiar with the kangaroo motive. Probably no diamonds sparkle that delightfully…

Pink diamonds are extracted in Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. They are among the mostly desired diamonds in the world. Almost 90% of world production of pink diamonds comes from the Australian diamond mine Argyle. These diamonds are sold on the biggest international markets, many types and sizes.

Special features:

  The coin was issued of two ounces of pure gold Australian Kangaroo Argyle Pink Diamond Edition”

  For the first time in the history of Perth Mint has issued a gold coin with a pink diamond

  The stunning pink diamond from the Argyle Pink Diamonds is mined in Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia.

  The 500-dollar coin was emitted in only 300 units

  The set contains certificate confirming authenticity and an exclusive box

  In addition a stunning pink diamond from Kimberley mine

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