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Canada 2021 125$ Triumphant Dragon 1/2 Kilogram Pure Silver Coin #3

The Royal Canadian Mint Dragon Coins Series

  • The symbolic mintage of 888 copies
  • Another coin with a dragon motif
  • Oriental design and Canadian high quality
  • Over half a kilo of silver in 1 coin
  • Silver purity 99.99%.
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For 2021, the Royal Canadian Mint follows up the “dragon” series. Thus, the Royal Canadian Mint once again opts for a truly high silver content and an extremely attractive reverse design. Please find out why it is worth investing in the very coin you are looking at.

Chinese New Year and the new coin

It has become somewhat of a tradition. Since the Chinese calendar begins a new year, Royal Canadian Mint is releasing another numismatic coin with an image of a dragon. The artist Simon Ng is responsible for the reverse design of the coin for the second year in a row. The theme? A dragon that brings luck and strength.

Oriental symbolism deserves an exceptional setting. That is why 99.99% silver with distinctive gilding was used. What is striking is the amount of precious metal in each coin. It is as much as 502.5 g in 1 numismat.

With a diameter of more than 85 mm, it is possible to have a close look at the detailing of the coin, which is stunning in virtually every way. Definitely worth having in your collection – just like the first and second releases. Notwithstanding the limited mintage, the coins have found their way into our online shop of precious coins from around the world.

Special features of the coin:

  • Over 500 g of silver

  • Gold plating on the reverse

  • #3 part of Royal Canadian Mint collection

  • Dragon motif – oriental style

  • Exclusive 888 pieces available worldwide


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