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Canada 2020 125$ Lucky Dragon 1/2 Kilogram Pure Silver Coin #2

The Royal Canadian Mint Dragon Coins Series

  • As few as 588 pieces available on the market
  • Large diameter, over 85 mm
  • A part of the "dragon" collection from Canada
  • Unique reverse design with Fu Xi dragon
  • Over 500 g of silver for the mintage of 1 coin

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the origin of this civilisation is traced back to Fu Xi. It was the dragon that was supposed to bring people luck – it taught them how to develop every aspect of their daily lives. It was precisely his figure that inspired the minting of the “second dragon coin” in the intriguing collection of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Dragon with pearl

One more time the Royal Canadian Mint decided to celebrate the New Year with a coin with a dragon. This time it was Simon Ng who was responsible for the reverse design. However, the most important parameters remained the same: mintage limited to 588 pieces and the use of as much as half a kilogram of pure 99.99% silver with gold accents.

Additionally, an important element is the pearl, splendidly decorating the image of the dragon that brings luck. In order to admire every detail of this coin you do not need to strain your eyes, as its diameter exceeds 85 mm. Quite a lot compared to many collector numismatic coins in our offer. Enrich your collection or present someone with a coin full of oriental symbolism. This numismatic coin will have special meaning for anyone who appreciates Chinese tradition.

Special features of the coin:

  • Mintage limited to 588 pieces worldwide

  • The motif of a Chinese dragon bringing luck

  • Half kg of silver and gold-plated elements

  • Superior quality of detail, for which the mint is famous

  • 99.99% silver – the content of pure, precious metal




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