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Coins from World is a proven online store of choice for collectors of valuable coins from around the world. At the same time, we are aware that a sizable portion of our customers are looking for valuable investment goods, which is why we were pleased to introduce the renowned, world-renowned, legendary bullion gold bars of the Swiss company PAMP. Find out why you should invest in them and what makes them stand out.

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PAMP bars – Swiss quality and extraordinary aesthetics

Did you know that 4 of the 6 gold refineries processing a total of as much as 90% of the world’s gold are located in Switzerland? The small but wealthy and secure country is famous for producing luxury goods and is a world leader in gold refining and the production of bullion bars, which are desirable collector’s items and, above all, an investment items. Switzerland is the center of the European and global banking system, as well as a country renowned for its high standards of financial services. The quality of PAMP’s signature investment gold proves this best.

PAMP – a manufacturer of gold bars that are famous around the world – has been in business since 1977. The French acronym “Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux” translates as “artistic products made of precious metals,” and these words are no stretch. Rose gold bars (as well as others, such as those with the iconic Fortune motif) are miniature works of art, and their high reputation stems from both their material value and aesthetics alone. 

Gold Bullion Bars | PAMP
are marked on the reverse side with the words “Essayeur Founder,” which guarantees the highest purity and quality, signify the stamp of a sworn appraiser, who under Swiss federal law, specifically the law regulating the inspection of precious metals, must hold a special license. According to current regulations, the responsible authorities in Switzerland can inspect the books of appraisers at any time. On this basis, it can be noted with certainty that PAMP investment gold meets the highest standards, which are subject to state and industry control. This is the result of adhering to strict procedures for both manufacturing and testing and inspecting products that reach customers around the world.

Gold Bars
PAMP (1 ounce and 5, 10 or 20 grams) are considered the best in their category. The company produces it primarily at its facility located in beautiful Castel San Pietro – next to the refinery, it is a high-tech line where top-notch engineers specialize in the innovative production of investment gold bars associated with the pioneering use of ornamentation on the reverse side. PAMP is primarily famous for its Roman Fortune motif, although the Rose on offer is equally admired by collectors and investors from around the world.
Suffice it to say that PAMP gold bars are accredited by the London Bullion Market Association and the Swiss Central Bank. Not surprisingly, they are recommended by the world’s major financial institutions for investment and capital accumulation.

PAMP Rose – what is worth knowing about the gold bar?
What does the obverse represent?

The obverse of the PAMP gold bar features a carefully crafted motif of a blooming rose. The natural beauty is accentuated with a mirror finish. Rose is the flower of love, offer this gold bar as a gift to a loved one.




What does the reverse side represent?

The reverse side of the Rose bar bears the most important symbols indicating its value: the PAMP stamp and the Essayeur Founder (appraiser) stamp, in addition to the weight designation, such as 1 Ounce, as well as the bullion – Fine Gold 999.9, which means gold purity of 99.99% (24 carats). The string of digits and numbers at the bottom of the reverse is a unique serial number assigned to a specific bar.



What is a gold bar wrapped in?

We deliver the bar in sealed and transparent durable packaging, which allows us to preserve the high quality of the product. After purchase, we recommend storing the bars according to industry standards for collectors and investors.

What confirms the authenticity of the bar?

The role of a certificate of authenticity in gold bars is played by the information on the reverse side. Thanks to the serial number or the stamp of the appraiser, you are able to prove the originality of the product – as well as the weight or sample of the gold. As Coins From World we focus on a reliable, professional approach to every customer, hence you can be sure that we sell only authentic, valuable, collectible items – not only gold coins but also PAMP bars from Switzerland.

PAMP Rose gold bar – invest in beauty and quality

Swiss manufacturer of aesthetically pleasing precious metal products PAMP is famous for its bullion gold bars with a Roman Fortune motif, but those depicting a blooming rose are considered equally beautiful and valuable. We know you’re interested in investing in proven luxury goods, and investment in gold made to the highest Swiss standards definitely fits the bill.

Why are PAMP Rose gold bars at Coins from World a good choice?

  • We offer different variants of gold bars weighing 5, 10, 20, and 31.1 grams, Rosa Minted Ingots.
  • PAMP Gold bars 5 grams
  • PAMP Gold bars 10 grams
  • PAMP Gold bars 20 grams
  • PAMP Gold bars 1 ounce
  • Gold is one of the safest traditional forms of investment – it is the preferred form of long-term deposit, which is characterized by safety and stability.
  • You can be sure that PAMP gold bars are honored by the Swiss Central Bank or the LBMA, and consequently by any major commodity exchanges or financial institutions in the world. Their exchange into money is no problem at all.
  • The stamp of a sworn appraiser, which is accredited and inspected by the Swiss Federal Office for the Control of Precious Metals, is a guarantee of the excellent quality and purity of the gold used in the production of PAMP bars.
  • The use of pure gold and the undisputed reputation of the manufacturer are not the only distinguishing features of PAMP bars – their distinctive feature is also their unique aesthetics, as the rose motif on a mirrored background is proof of Swiss precision and master craftsmanship.
We can’t help but encourage you once again to invest in beautiful and valuable PAMP gold bars. You will find that Switzerland is home to many luxury goods, not just watches. Put your funds with Coins from World – your trusted online store for gold coins and bars!